Custom Made Furniture

For custom made furniture enquiries tell us about your idea, measurements, you can add a simple sketch and we will answer shortly:

Custom made furniture is the perfect solution for tailoring your idea to your style and requirements.

Handcrafted with you choice of timber and finished with exceptional attention to detail, custom furniture is the perfect choice to see your ideas brought to reality.

Benefits of Custom Made Furniture

  • Highest quality – each piece is finished to detail
  • Long term investment – like all furniture, it must be built to last
  • Unique style – it is the creation of your imagination
  • Choose materials – depending on usage, budget and wishes
  • Choose colours – pick exactly what you wish
  • Choose measurements – to perfectly fit your space

When to choose Custom Made Furniture?

  • You have seen a design that you like, but the material used or finishes wasn’t ideal for your purpose.
  • You have a unique design idea and wish to have tour furniture perfectly fitted to your space.
  • You need a piece to match your existing furniture in your home.
  • You wish to have a unique piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of our projects:

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